Haynes & Jefferis, The Tangent, 1877

This ordinary bicycle was called The Tangent, and it was the first bicycle that featured tangent pattern spokes. It was introduced in 1876 or 1877 and built by Haynes & Jefferis from Coventry. It is a rare bird, especially in this very good condition. Look at the Ariel from those years, also built by Haynes and Jefferis. Some details are the same, like the ‘roller’ at the end of the spring.

This example in the Velorama museum was built in 1877. It still has rear wheel brake, plain bearings and solid forks, but the tangent spokes make it a modern bike for those years. The model was still in the catalogue in 1879, then with front wheel brake. The illustration is taken from the 1878 Haynes & Jefferis catalogue.